I had an injury to my right eye, caused by a snapping elastic band. The eye was s'm lucky enough to have found Dr Tamara Voronina in Nutri Centre Clinic, following my thyroid problem (hyperthyroidism).

I was feeling stressed and worn down, no physical and emotional energy at all. Dr Tamara's approach is very thorough, she made me feel at ease with the treatment straight away ! Now and after 4 sessions, I sleep better (I had not slept normally for about 2 years!), no heart palpitations, my appetite has come back with a feeling of comfort in my whole body, my mind is clear. And I feel more in touch with the inner me (i.e. my health), I feel more grounded, more accepting, more connected with my surrounding, etc...the list is endless!

I like the way she relies on different medical traditions, both eastern and western like when she uses acupuncture, homeopathy and state-of-the-art breathing equipment with varying oxygen content...

I hope her drug-free treatment has made me free from radiotherapy and the drugs suggested by my GP. I know that I'll be back on track soon, thanks to Dr Tamara Voronina!

Sylvie, London, January 2013,