Rapid post-COVID Recovery and post-vaccination complications with the Hypoxicator Go2Altitude!!!

Improving the cardiovascular system, respiratory system and memory, relieving depression and fatigue!
Procedure 5-10 daily sessions. Individual approach to the patient and professional assistance.

Hypoxicator GO2Altitude for home use,
O2 concentration: 10-13.5% (to simulate an altitude of 3500-5800m)
Warranty: 24 months
Dimensions (W x D x H): 300 x 280 x 800 mm
Weight: 20 kg / 44 lbs

Consultations of the first 2-3 sessions of Dr. Voronina T. via WhatsApp or Zoom.

Dr. Tamara Voronina gives consultations in her clinic in London, doctor's office, as well as a full consultation online.

For the last 2 years, he has been successfully using IHT for the rehabilitation and treatment of post-COVID conditions and complications after vaccination in Europe and the USA.
IH equipment can be used individually at home
after purchasing it.

The consultation is also the starting point for anyone who wants to undergo treatment for circulatory disorders (post-stroke, hypertension) - metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus, thyroid dysfunction, hypercholesterolemia) - lung diseases (COPD, asthma, emphysema), depression and panic attacks.

Dr. Tamara Voronina is a specialist in preventive medicine, a specialist in endocrinological diseases, curative fasting, and nutrition. She was the first doctor in London to use IHT for regenerative medicine and the treatment of aging.

Spontaneous remission of post-covid conditions after one session IHT procedure.

Patient example: A young man, Dario D., 20 years old, playing professional football, during 2022 was ill with covid 3 times, 2 vaccinations were made in December 2021 (before the illness!)

His covid (three times) was accompanied by severe weakness, fever up to 39 degrees, pain in the joints and anosmia. After the illness, there was constant weakness.

On December 2, 2022, severe chest pain suddenly appeared, heart arrhythmia which the patient felt very painful, this happened with an unusual feeling that something was moving in the region of the heart, preventing the heart from beating, fuzzy thinking and fog appeared in the head, a strong fear of death.

On January 8, Daniel went to the doctor and was prescribed the tranquilizer Opipramol 2 tablets a day. All complaints remained the same, but the patient endured them more calmly without panic and strong fear.

Since mid-February, the condition has deteriorated significantly, all complaints have become even more disturbing. On February 21, I underwent the first treatment: IHT and acupuncture, after which all complaints disappeared within an hour. The patient came for 2 sessions of treatment on February 22, notes that there are no complaints.

Despite the disappearance of all post-Covid symptoms after one session, the patient will undergo a course of interval hypoxic training for 10-15 days.

Dr Voronina: My many years of experience as a doctor has proven that there is nothing more effective among drug-free and natural therapy than interval hypoxia !! The results of even a single session are amazing! All complaints disappear. Especially patients with complications after vaccination and after Covid. Why? Doctors, see articles ~ lactic acid, lactate, in the brain and remember the dominants of Professor Alexei Ukhtomsky! www.tvrejuvenation.com

Tamara Voronina's Rejuvenation Clinic

Most people go through middle age with quiet acceptance of deteriorating health. Many do not even recognize the deterioration since it is usually gradual. All our senses – taste, smell, vision and hearing become significantly less sensitive as time goes by.

The sensitivity of cells (the cells of the lungs, red blood cells and many other) to oxygen, the main gas of life, changes as well. This is the main part of the ageing process. However, now at the start of the 21st Century there is no need to accept these aging changes. More and more people are turning to therapies which hold the deterioration of these faculties in abeyance and in many cases substantially restore them to earlier sensitivities.

What the Rejuvenation program does

The purpose of the Rejuvenation Program is firstly to create and maintain the most effective level of metabolic function by taking in and absorbing efficiently oxygen and glucose, making all systems of neurotransmitters, hormones and enzymes work simultaneously, decreasing free radical activity and improving circulation. Secondly, to introduce a nutritional and life environment aiming to induce the generation of new neurons in the central nervous system and the repair of damaged neurons in the human brain. Rejuvenation of the brain is the main target for success.

Over the last twelve years Dr Tamara Voronina has been combining established treatments such as acupuncture and homeopathy with Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT), modern therapies techniques used specifically for training astronauts in a program aimed primarily at rejuvenation. The results have proved encouraging and a large majority of patients treated by this integrated treatment program have benefited by varying degrees. The treatment has also produced surprisingly quick results in the improvement of asthma and diabetic patients, depression, patients with thyroid problems and heart disease, cancer patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy etc.

Natural and complementary techniques including: Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT) or Mountain Air (Hypoxia) Training, Supplements – Vitamins Combination, Diet and Fasting, Acupuncture and Homeopathy; you will feel a remarkable difference in just a few days.

What Causes Aging?

One of the main causes of aging is the biochemical chaos which follows the lack of oxygen and glucose in the tissues, this leads to high free radical activity, inefficient circulation and an inefficient network between endocrine, nervous and immune systems.Which main conditions contribute to aging diseases?

  • Excessive oxygen intake
  • Excessive calorie intake
  • Radiation and radiotherapy
  • Stress physical and emotional
  • Stress chemical (inefficient digestion, drugs, toxins, parasite, etc)

What can be done to defend the body against aging?

  • Reduce oxygen intake and sort out the biochemical chaos – using Intermittent Hypoxic Training.
  • Relieve stress and improve circulation – using Intermittent Hypoxic Training and Acupuncture.
  • Reduce calorie intake and use an efficient food – Slimming and DIET. Cleanse the body of toxins (toxins, metabolic waste, parasites etc).

Effects of Hypoxia

Mitoptosis leads to longevity (destroying of old damaged mitochondria and the promotion of new, healthier, mitochondria). Bowhead whales (Balaena Mysticetus) have this quality so can live up to 200 years largely because their breathing patterns are similar to intermittent hypoxia.