Severe Allergic symptoms cured in two hour

Mrs Francoise De P. came to see me on 25 March 2004 complaining of an allergic reaction with symptoms of intensive shaking, heart palpitations, redness and swelling of skin all over the body, pale blue phalanges and nails on hand, unbearable skin itching relieved only by cold showers. Blood pressure 180/100. Pulse 110.

Four-five days earlier she had been sun-bathing on the beach. No evidence of food allergies in the past. On 24 March she had a glucocortisone injection and pain killers (in relation to pain in her right hip), and last three days anti-histamine tablets, after which the allergic reaction intensified (?)

She was treated (25 March ) with intermittent hypoxia therapy (100 minutes), homeopathy (Valerian Heel, which included Hipericum Perforatum; Nux Vomica) and acupuncture. After treatment blood pressure 155/90. Pulse 84. Her skin returned to a normal colour in 2 hours and well-being was established. Laboratory tested for allergies and others.

Treatment continued on 26 March (intermittent hypoxia therapy 60 minutes, homeopathy and acupuncture.

I recommend a return for her local doctor.

Mrs Francoise De P., 67 from Geneva (London, 2004),