Mircea G. 63 years old (Romania), January 2016

My main health problem is related to my prostate and started at least seven years ago, when I first noticed difficulty with my urine flow. In 2009 my free PSA was found to be 10.18. USE showed no enlargement of the prostate. In November 2016 my free PSA was 29.8 and I had difficulty with urine flow. I refused any invasive examination and treatment as well hormone therapy which conventional doctors offered to me, because I was aware of the complications.

My wife, a Professor of Psychology at the University, was worried about me very much. She had attended a lecture by Dr. Tamara Voronina at the Madrid Anti-Aging Symposium last October. She was fascinated by the clinical results of her more then 30 years practice of fasting therapy with different diseases. We decided to ask Dr. Voronina to be my consultant and to help me with her method of fasting treatment. We are in touch with her through email and Skype on regular basis from October 2015.

Initially Dr. Voronina suggested water fasting for one week only, but when she felt I was managing well she proposed continuous fasting for up to 40 days.

In 2014 I followed the method of Dr. Breuss for 40 days with herb teas and small amounts of vegetable juices only. This method did not help me, free PSA value remaining around 26.

After the 5th day (the hardest psychological obstacle) of water fasting with Dr. Voronina’s supervision, I decided to keep going as long as I could. Because plain water seems pretty hard to swallow in large quantities, I have preferred a blend of different herbal teas in quantities exceeding 3 liters per day flavored with plenty of fresh lemon juice sweetened with 17 drops of stevia. The only indulgence allowed was sauerkraut juice sometimes.

In the morning I would wake up less rested with low blood pressure, high pulse rate and uncertain movements. I knew that coffee enemas are very useful for detoxification and for their energizing action; for this reason I have used an enema almost daily (and by the way, I had a stool every time!). This allowed me to keep going to work at my office in the first month of fasting.

After 40 days of fasting, I had lost 12 kg. Free PSA analysis dropped to 21.4 so by 28%, I have no problem with urine flow at all (this main improvement started on the 30th day of fasting, the same day there was no evidence of candida in urine test)!

I have started using advance technology device Aquaton for last 3 weeks. It normalizes water in the body. Aquaton was redistricted for using as water resonance activation system in 2014.

I gained back 6 kg after 24 days of eating and my weight remained almost constant since then. I continue working with Dr. Voronina because I am certain that my health will improve more.

I recommend her with all my heart! I regret that because we are some distance from each other, I have had no access to other types of treatments that Dr. Voronina uses in her practice that would make me heal more easily and faster.

Mircea G. (Romania)

26 January 2016