Aleksandra Tolst (30 years old), treatment from September to March 2016.

I came to Dr. Tamara Voronina in mid-September 2015 due to overactive thyroid function.  I have severe skin allergy reaction to the main medicine for hyperthyroidism - carbimazole. I was unsuccessfully treated by my GP and a consultant back in 2013-2014. They told me they couldn’t help without carbomitazol.

I had incredible fatigue, periodical anxiety and felt very hot, high pulse rate (in rest about 110 - 120 bmp), and I lost weight (3 kg during 5 months, from 48kg to 45kg, my height 156cm).

Dr. Voronina devised drug-free treatment such as Intermittent Hypoxia Training, homeopathy, vitamins, acupuncture, diet and physiotherapy, using new equipment Aquaton. During treatments, over about 4 months, I had about 30 sessions with Dr. Voronina, and as an addition at home about 32 sessions with IHT and Aquaton.  She helped me back to my normal strength, normalised my pulse rate (now 68-72),  I have now no anxiety and have put on weight to my normal 48,5kg. I don’t feel ill at all. My lab. thyroid results improved every month, thyroid became smaller. I have also a special diet, which was hard at the start, but now I love it.

I was afraid of spiders from my childhood and homeopathy remedies, which I took helped to overcome it very quickly, in one month. I don’t have any more anxiety, fear and heart palpitations when I see spiders.

I am grateful to Dr. Voronina for her help with high professionalism as an endocrinologist and natural therapist.